Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Winter Getaway!

We came to Chico Hot Springs yesterday afternoon for our Winter Getaway. Natural mineral hot springs, wonderful dinner, quiet evening in a comfortable room. No distractions, no demands, just a lovely and relaxiing break from "real life". The photo was taken back in the Fall. Before I leave this afternoon, I'll take a few more and upload them tonight. This is the location for the Idea to Image Retreat coming up in October. This morning we met with our rep here and talked about some of the details. I'll be ready (finally!) to mail brochures late next week.
After the stresses of the past 10 weeks, we are beginning to find our way back to focus and clarity. I do have a new piece in process and am deciding how to mount and present it. I'm thinking it needs to be in space with light coming from behind... but am not certain.
more to come.