Saturday, September 23, 2006

Autumnal Equinox

yup, it's today and it is official. Another season turning; Summer is gone. We are still being rained on - this is a good thing, it has been desperately dry for several years and the fire season has been horrid. Now the air is clean, the thirsty land is soaking up the moisture and the firefighters are taking control. It's great to have the moisture for all these reasons, and it makes it easy to stay in. Once the skies clear and the Indian Summer weather begins, I will want to be working in the gardens.

What has been going on? The week at Cedar Lakes was relaxing. It was a small group and I learned a lot. I came home inspired in an interesting way (more on that in another post).

With things calmer on the home front and wet weather, ,I have enjoyed some studio time. these two pieces are finished:


and a detail

march walk

and a detail

What's next? paperwork of course, the Retreat at Chico Hot Springs (if you can get lodging, there's a space in the workshop), then Fabrications at Garland, MI (full class!).

Fitting in between the external committments i've been thinking about new work. TREES have been on my mind for a lot of reasons. This ancient cottonwood fascinates me.

stay posted to see what happens!