Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Originally uploaded by lauracw.
this was last seen"under the needle" a few months ago. it too is ready for the photographer tomorrow. There are a few other pieces to shoot as well, but i'm having trouble with my brain. I've been up since the wee dark hours (well, not really. 4:30 a.m., it's getting light here now.,) but i am tired and done for the day. perhaps tomorrow afternoon i'll get the other digitals uploaded.


Gerrie said...

Both of these are wonderful. I clicked on them to see a larger version and I see lots of texture.

Debra said...


These pieces are FABULOUS. I love the little photos, and hope that someday I will be able to see them larger (or in person).

Now about other posts on your blog:

I think most of us are OK with not getting an acknowledgement of each comment. If we ask a specific question, it's OK for you to blog it to world (assuming that one "how did you do XXX" means 20 other people wanted to ask it)...

And getting posts back. When you are writing a post in blogger, there is this little note on the create page that says RECOVER POST. Sometimes when you click that, you can get your post back. It's always worth a try.

Elle said...

These are beautiful pieces! And you know how I'm totally into nebulas right now. Gorgeous.