Tuesday, November 15, 2005

a month later

It is cold here today, 14 degrees this morning when i ventured out for my haircut appointment, not much warmer at noon when i took a meal down to a neighbor's house. Well, it is mid-November and this is Montana, so no surprises here. The good thing about this time of year is being in studio. Over the years it seems to me that i get most productive as Fall draws to a close, the days get shorter and temperatures colder.
Right now i have two works in process: large pieces, based on the nebulas i've been playing with for the last while. I'm using a lot of Helene Davis's fabrics and working with the idea of "temperature" in color. Am trying to push myself toward hotter colors. It is amusing to see that even the hottest colors i choose are actually very cool tones. When i came home from Houston my intention had been to work whole cloth, using only the stitch to develop the imagery. Well, that bit the dust pretty fast. Maybe next piece.


Gerrie said...

Welcome back!! I noticed that you work in muted tones when I saw your piece at Art Quilt Tahoe!

laura said...

hi Gerrie, thanks!
Harbinger, the piece at Tahoe, is one of my brighter colored pieces from an earlier time, grin! we'll see what happens.

Rayna said...

At least you're working! I think I might try doing the same if I can have enough caffeine tonight to keep me going.