Sunday, October 01, 2006

october 1

these little things are three dimensional. each panel is about 3.5 x 5". they are in various stages of completion.

the one above is not finished. the reverse side needs work (so i'm not showing it to you yet.)


Pat's Place said...

Hi, Laura -
Good to see you posting. These are fascinating little pieces - are you hand-stitching the edges with a buttonhole stitch? That's what it looks like... lovely work. Great idea!

laura said...

hi Pat, thanks for the note! I am so erratic with posting that i wouldn't be surprised if noone ever read!
the edges are all machine stitched - exterior edges are done with a buttonhole stitch, interrior fold edges with a sort of ladder stitch, on the 9 mm setting. i am finding this a good format right now and actually seeing ideas develop for the first time in a long while.

Karen said...

This is a fantastic idea!! what a wonderful way to show off the small fabric works,like post cards. And what a great way to display something where it turns into a 3 dimensional piece. I Love this! I cant wait to see more and from both sides. The mind boggles,You are amazing! Are you going to try this on a bigger scale as well?