Saturday, July 09, 2005

July 9

The last few days Michael has been out of town and Sam has stayed home with me, poor guy. (I'm boring. he has much more interesting adventures with Michael, the center of the Universe. I do take the dog to the river as early as possible. This morning we were out at 6. A light breeze kept the mosqitoes at bay. We saw deer on the far shore, pelikans upriver, herons and eagles scouting their breakfast.
The milkweed is blooming now, a feast for butterflies.

Since I'm not walking much these days we stayed at water's edge and worked on retrieves.

Someone has been rearranging the rocks.
I like the curve.


Gerrie said...

Maybe Andy Goldsworthy came by!! Love what he does with rocks.

Deborah said...

I drove past a house that had several rock towers ala Goldsworthy last weekend. I snapped a quick picture through the open door of the van, but it turned out blurry. That rocky curve along the shore is lovely.