Friday, July 15, 2005

july 15

It's Friday night. Sarah and Bob are at rehearsal. Tomorrow is day two of the workshop, so I am having a quiet evening in, with the grandkitties. Today went very well. This group is great fun. Wonderful humor, good color sense, adventurous and responsive. And gift of all gifts: everyone knows their machines, every machine in class is well cared for and therefore, I get to do what I am there to do. Believe me, this makes a difference! Going into tomorrow (when we will be doing free motion work) I can be pretty confident that any technical problems can be easily addressed. I do have my new camera with me. If i remember I'll ask permission to photograph the work and post it here. [i do not usually think of documenting a class while in the middle of it, and will not post pix of students work without permission. so, two things to think about and remember]
Sarah , Bob and I are having a quiet and relaxed family visit in spare moments here and there. I'm here for almost a week and we all three have work to do, so there's not so much pressure to fit things into a tiny amount of time. After tomorrow's class session I'll be free to go to the rehearsals, will help with costume construction and alterations, some set building and general backstage support stuff. Tech theatre is not my forte' but I take instruction well and can follow directions, grin. Unfortunately I will not be here for the performances, but will see the show develop.
and now, a book, and an early bed time.
I've cruised through the ring and enjoyed catching up a little with people's blogs, have cruised through QA and avoided commenting on the current threads of "why blog" and "the list has changed".


Gerrie said...

Unfortunately, I was not able to keep from posting on QA! I even had a private give and take with Karey. I finally got her to visit my daughter's blog to see that a blog can really be a great venue for emerging artists.

laura said...

hi Gerrie, i've followed the discourse (??) on QA and quite simply, i don't get it.
Yes we have the QA list, some of us have websites, some of us (more all the time ) have blogs. They are not the same thing at all. You and i can have a completely different discussion HERE than we can on QA. we can agree on politics, ask controversial questions and not worry about offending - we are after all, in our own space here.
QA is a large and anonymous group to some extent. it serves an important function but it is very important there to stay somewhat on topic and very far away from hot buttons.
i do not see blogs replacing QA - it either changes and adapts or it doesn't.