Friday, December 09, 2005

december 9

After a week of brutal cold, it is warming up here finally! The sound you just heard was a huge sigh of relief. It is 23 above right now, heading toward 39. The wind is fierce so it seems colder, there are always trade offs, eh? Extreme cold wears me out, although being out with Sam the golden wonder pup is entertaining. He takes great joy in snow and all the games he can play with it, running digging, rolling - you name it. He loves cold weather. but then he's a golden retriever, they love almost everything. He will be ecsatic this afternoon when the Center of the Universe gets home. Michael has been away for several days, is returning today with his brother who will stay with us a while. It has not yet been determined whether my office or the living room will be converted to a part time guest room.The whole situation is problematic. Everyone is going to require a lot of private space and this is a small house.
I've been delaying even thinking about it, choosing instead to spend all my time this week in studio. (more on that in a bit).
Today i have to seriously consider space, furniture, arrangements and patience; which is why i am getting caught up on computer work, another form of procrastination? big grin here.
In the studio: a monster piece, another in the nebula series, almost finished but not ready for prime time. My intention was to push temperature in color and it was difficult, even my yellows are cool. It is on hiatus while i figure out a few things concerning structure and assembly.The break gives me the opportunity to explore some new materials. Actually went back to the whole cloth/painting/thread image idea using a non-woven surface. The surfaces and texture are interesting but detail is getting lost. Maybe i'll put some images up later this weekend.
At some point it will be time to consider the holidays. yikes. Lots to do. is anyone feeling organized and on top of things?


Karoda said...

organized? on top of things? pffft, are you joking?!! but i'm going to roll right along about moving your bed into your studio? that way you can avoid any frustration with people :)

laura said...

great idea but it's a tiny space and i share the bed. wouldn't work. plus there's no door on the studio.
i am so spoiled. we have worked out a living arrangement that supports our respective needs for solitude. Maybe taking up yoga and meditation again would be a good strategy, although another friend suggested tranquilizers :).

Gerrie said...

So good to hear from you!! I could not take the cold - that cold, especially. We had temps in the hight 30's - low 40's last week and I was miserble!!

I sympathize with the finding room and still allowing areas of solitude. But it will be temporary, right?

Rayna said...

My house, Laura. My house.
And yes, this is a good time to experiment with new materials and a new approach. Why not?

teri springer said...

> is anyone feeling organized and on top of things?<

H A!!!!!!!!!!!