Sunday, January 08, 2006

an incentive to post

the holidaze and family issues have been so intense, it seems there is nothing to talk openly about here on the blog...being tagged for the 4 things meme should help me get going again, eh? Thnaks Deb!

Four Jobs You've Had:
Crisis Worker: Domestic Violence Center
Custom Hat Maker
Greenhouse Manager
Technical Writer

*Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over:
Love, Actually
Blithe Spirit
Bringing Up Baby
Out of Africa

*Four Places You've Lived:
Athens, OH, when i was in grad school. can you imagine?
Tucson, discovered beads there [a lifetime ago]
Chincoteague, VA
Baltimore, city of neighborhoods

* Four TV Shows you love to Watch:
what's TV??? don't watch it, have no idea what is current.

* Four Places You've Been on Vacation:
define "vacation", grin.
loosely speaking: Alaska; Sand Creek, CO; Chico Hot Springs, Pray, MT; Montreal, Quebec, CA

* Four Websites You Visit Every Day:
AQ Webring
ArtsJournal on line

* Four Of Your Favorite Foods:
garden rasberries
Maryland Blue Crab
wild salmon

* Four Places You'd Rather Be:
near the Atlantic Ocean
any major East Coast City (museums! galleries! food!)
a deep tub of very hot water
the studio.

Four Albums You Can't Live Without:
Brandenberg Concertos: Christopher Hogwood, Academy of Ancient Music
Malcom Dalgish, hammered dulcimer
Malcome Dalgish and Grey Larson: Thunderhead
Dire Straits

Four People You'll Pass This On To:
Cathy Arnett
Cathy Kleeman


Rayna said...

Aha, so you're the reason I got tagged by Cathy! Finally catching up with your blog.

Julaine said...

Malcolm Dalglish, huh? Could it be his "Jogging the Memory" CD? I went to a Orff/Kodaly convention years ago, and sat on the floor next to him as he was teaching a workshop. That's when I go turned on to the hammered dulcimer...