Friday, April 21, 2006


this blogging thing might not be for me. it's been over a month since i posted (although there are several drafts in my folder). maybe i should give it up, say "uncle" and just be a reader.
on the other hand, i could sare myself the aggro of reading a certain long mail list and hang out here instead.
there's a thought. hmmmm.

tomorrow i fly away. heading to Greenville Arms in the Hudson River Valley for a week's workshop and yes! this one i am looking forward to. i have a wonderful sized group, Kim LaPolla has been fantasticly organized and it's Spring! what could be better. my bags are packed, NWA upgraded my ticket for the first leg of tomorrow's flying (always a good way to start a trip!), and earlier this week i finished a major project. sigh of relief. i am leaving a messy house but when i come back on the 30th the lilacs and apple blossoms will be in full swing and it will be beautiful.

about that project: I spent a good week reviewing slides and selecting a show for a regional art center. (no not a fiber or quilt show although there are fiber pieces included). Words to the wise:
review your slides.
Project them.
Do not send out slides that do not show your work well.

I've been lucky as a juror . Several times i have had a number of days to select a show instead of the standard 6 hours. It is a luxury to be able to go back and look again and again, to TRY to see beyond the fuzz and dim light to what is really in the work. In the end though, very few works with bad slides make it into shows that have a fair number of entries. Really, artists owe it to themselves and their work to get good slides.
end of lecture.

on to the evening. it's Friday night and i have a date.
will pledge to be a better blogger.
enjoy the weekend.


Debra said...

I know we don't have a vote.. but I vote to skim that super long mailing list and write more here.

It appears to me that a number of folks have dropped into the spring fever funk and are not blogging with the same passion they did. Maybe it's a seasonal thing??

Anyway, get those posts out of the draft file and published.

Debra said...

And.. YOU MISSED YOUR BLOG-IVERSARY (I spelled that so wrong.) 3/16.

Maybe we readers need to throw you and your blog a party!!

laura said...

o Deb. parties R us.
what a concept.
what would a party in cyber space be like anyway?

we had a good dinner out and now i have to decide what to waear tomorrow for flying. comfort is a good thing, right?

p.s. your vote counts! i'll skim that list and hang out here instead.