Sunday, April 23, 2006

rainy sunday

I had a great day yesterday!
seriously! it started with lovely surprises, i was in good spirits, NWA upgraded me to First Class on my flight out of Billings, (but not on the other legs) spent the entire day, 8 am to 11:30 p.m. in transit, arrived Greenville Arms in the wee hours.

Yesterday was not a good flying day for some folks: sick planes, cancelled flights, bad weather in key airports. all this resulted in overbooked, overweight planes and some inconveniece for travelers. Lots of families flying together, trying to get on the same flights with each other as they were rerouted. i took a bump and spent lots of time in Minneappolis, then again in Detroit. Of course, my luggage arrived in Albany on the early flight. It was safe in a little locked room. While we were waiting for someone to come unlock the door, the "station manager" came to visit with us. He was warm and personable. it was interesting getting the point of view of an airport manager.
while in transit i read, and also listened to Bach! My new little iPod's maiden voyage. The Brandenburgs through Bose headphones. a very peaceful way to sit in a terminal. last year i bought the noise cancellation headphones to use when i fly. they've made a big difference in my quality of life (smile). Last month i got the iPod, thinking i'd put my portfolio on it. Haven't gotten that far yet but did record some of my favorite music. yesterday's experience validated the impulse. it's much easier to stay calm and collected when the cacophony surrounding me is neutralized.

So: Greenville Arms. if you read Mrs. Mel, you know about this wonderful gem. I have the day to myself, my workshop starts tomorrow. Most of this day i will spend writing, working on some small stitch projects and may actually update my website. After lunch will visit Lesley Riley's class, then there's a reception.

This is a lovely place and welcoming. It isn't good weather for walking, but that's okay. later.


Rayna said...

You sound so happy!!! Indulge yourself, Laura. and do not give up blogging. Wish I were there.

Elle said...

I love my iPod! You will find that you can't do without it, lol. I wnat one with video now, lol!