Saturday, July 15, 2006

july 15

the air is full of ash today and we're up in triple digits. it's a great day to stay in and sort out some odds and ends. My camera battery needed recharging before i could take pix off it. here are a few images for you:

this ancient lilac lives at Greenville Arms. in the Hudson River Valley. wonderful negative spaces.

A spot on the river bank where i walk in the morning. This photo was taken in April: high water.

March Walk: begun in early Spring, almost finished.

the newest addition to the household: Miss Ella. She sings jazz. She's six months old, very confident, loves the dog and has made herself Queen of everything. Otis is still afraid of her, after 3 weeks. I hope he calms down soon.


kathy said...

wow! I love march walk and like that it is right below a picture of the river...I see a resemblance. Wish I could see the detail better....

Elle said...

March Walk is very cool and so is Miss Ella!

Sande said...

Nice photos...beautiful cat...intriguing 'march walk'...looking forward to hearing more from you.

Kathy Wagner said...

Love your March Walk quilt!