Friday, July 07, 2006


here it is, well into July. The late Spring was such a busy time; cutting back on some of my involvements may have helped, who can tell, grin. I've been home for three weeks almost, with three more to go before a trip to Denver and then a week in Lowell. So far what i have managed to do is rest up a bit, deal with beaurocratic issues for my BIL, adopt a kitten to keep the older cat company (he is afraid of her, it might not work. sigh), paint the living room (1/4 of one wall to go!) and gradually get reacquainted with the studio.
I am in the process of revisiting and reclarifying my goals and intentions with an eye to streamlining.
It's a challenge right now, reinventing daily/weekly time structures to include the things i need to do for and with my BIL. This is not exactly a "sandwich generation" situation, but it is close. It isn't going to change; he is part of our daily lives and daily responsibilities. For me a major impact has been the diversion of my attention and energy. I am not able to fully concentrate on my work, haven't been able to since late Novemeber and it is making me more than a little owley. Strategies for dealing with this are gradually developing. Changing one's work habits is always a slow process.
meanwhile i have several small mixed media pieces, have been drwawing daily, espanding my approach to journaling, walking twice a day (great meditation!) and am slowly gettingback to the writing project. photos soon.


Rayna said...

Glad to see your blog post, Laura.
I'm working on a bridge table on my mother's porch - can you IMAGINE me being confined to a bridge table??!! I can't get out to walk because I can't leave my mother alone for long enough - and anyway, the humidity is 150% and the heat is in the 90's. So, my hands are covered in paint, as is my camera.

Gerrie said...

Love it when you resurface! Like to keep in touch with what you are doing!