Wednesday, August 10, 2005

august 10

from the office: it's been busy and hectic and at times, overwhelming. sounds like real life, doesn't it? The computer has been recalcitrant. Apparently the anti-virus program ate something it didn't like and created some issues. That's all resolved now. The only casualty seems to be that i have lost access to the "Classic" operating system (this is a Mac) and along with that went my bookkeeping records from May 04 through today. Why that set of dates? it may have something to do with the "back-up folders". best case scenario: i take the machine back to the Tech, who may be able to recover the missing system stuff. Worst case: I re-enter all my numbers - an arduous bt not impossible task. [yes i have back-up but it's on paper, not inthe system and i really like being able to compare and project]

from the garden: now that the weather is cooling off a little, the plants are perking up. we still have raspberries and strawberries, are harvesting beans, carrots and cukes, the first red tomato came along earlier this week. There's nothing quite like the tastes of summer.
My perennials are doing well and the hibiscus will flower soon, as will the datura. There will be more color in another few weeks, once we are out of the real heat of summer and once the deadheaded plants get their next fush of bloom.

in the studio: both nebula II and shell game have been accepted to the Houston show and i have a few small pieces to ship off for consideration in NH. I have been focusing on digging out, reorganizing space, re-equipping myself and fiishing up odds and ends. It won't be long before I am ready to start a new piece.
i'm happy to be home for another 6 weeks or so and look forward to getting my hands in the stuff.


Gerrie said...

So glad to hear from you again. Thought you were lost in the south!! (smile)!

laura said...

Not quite.
Got home from points south, went east, came home, got lost in the confusions of real life.
There's a trail of bread crumbs though and I am following the birds out of the thicket - or was that, into the woods [grin]
Cheers, laura