Thursday, May 11, 2006

May 11

I'm headed to Atlanta for a weekend at Fiber on a Whim; am looking forward to seeing Jan again and meeting her daughter, Kristin. Sunday is a day off. I hope to visit the High Museum. Then Monday, down to Ft. Myers where i will spend a few days with the Southwest Florida Guild. Home next weekend. My bags are packed and most of my to-do-list is finally caught up with! amazing. This is the first time in ages that could be said.
It is lovely Spring here. We've had good moisture for the first time in years and the results are incredible. The lilacs are profuse and holding well. Amazing fragrance. Last weekend was devoted to planting the pots and barrels, a little early as we could still get frost, but it is good to have that done. When i get back on the 20th, there will be color to greet me.
There will be internet access for the week and i have my camera packed (as well as the download cable!). Will try to post and get caught up.


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