Friday, May 26, 2006

seasonal molting

from time to time i let go of things in my life. The intention is generally to reassess where my time and energies are going. In a way it's a form of clutter reduction, if that makes any sense to you.
Right now i am feeling that i've taken on too many things, cannot do them all well, am running behind and not keeping up as i should with correspondence, newsletter, blog, web page updates. [Even if i am not doing the writing, these things still pull at my awareness]. It's time to shed some of the excess committments and reconsider what i am doing and why.

all of this to say, i am taking a break from the blog, such as it is.
i will still be reading yours, and who knows, maybe i will add this back in when life calms down a little.


Beate said...

I can understand you very well

Elle said...

We'll miss you. Sometimes you HAVE to reassess to be able to move forward.