Sunday, January 21, 2007

catching up in the studio

In between sorting and pitching and trying to reorganize my work space, I have seen my way back to work. Still working very small, but still working.

meadow fragment 12.5 x 9"

spill 9.25 x 25"
a dark little piece. I played with texturing the surface in a number of ways including free form pintucking.
The hanging device is cotonwood root.


Debra Spincic said...

Welcome to the Quilt Studio webring! I look forward to having you join our activities.

Granny Fran said...

Lovely pieces. Is the meadow work curved piecing? I love it. What a great opportunity to visit Bernina in Switzerland. When I switched to Beta Blogger I lost my whole year's blogs and had to start completely over. Glad to have you on the Quilt Studio webring.

laura said...

thanks for the warm words of welcome!
And thanks to two Debs for talking me through the upgrade. Nothing was lost after all. (even my so-called sanity was saved, thanks to their good help)

Fran, i use an applique' construction technique. Technically, the work is not "pieced". the edges are turned and stitched down using an applique stitch.

The Bernina trip was a once in a lifetime treat! i'd love to go back,

The Carolina Quilter said...

Your work is stunning! I love it. Oh to be so artistic. Welcome to the ring.