Saturday, January 06, 2007

Studio Sale, phase 1

there's no room in the studio!
shelves are crammed, surfaces overflowing, work space is minimal.
As far as i know, there are limited ways to get additional space: take over MORE of the house, move to a larger space or get rid of excess. I've already exercised the first option, the second is not likely any time soon, so i am resigned to the third choice.

To that end, I am clearing out my fabric stash. [books and maazines are next.]

It's a studio sale: here's what i have packed up so far:

6 boxes assorted fabrics. [mostly Bali or Hoffman Batiks, some interesting prints]. There's a wide variety in color, value and mood. Beyond the fact that i bought it all, I can make no guarantees as to what is in each box. $90 (OBO) each includes shipping

all fabrics are pre-washed
there are no solids
most of the "cuts" are 1/3 yard, some pieces larger, some smaller

there's also:
1 box with batiks but mostly novelty prints
1 box of scrappy scraps and
1 box of "tidy"scraps.
$75 (OBO) each includes shipping

The boxes are the USPO fixed rate priority boxes, each holds approximately 4.5+ pounds of fabric.
As an added bonus, each box will also include a smallish (postcard size or larger) " lc-w quilted fragment".

email me at and we'll take it from there.

back to clearing shelves.

1 comment:

Heidi Miracle-McMahill said...

i'd be interested in purchasing a box from you laura.

hope you are well,

heidi miracle-mcahill