Monday, March 21, 2005


The first full day of Spring! It's a bright sunny morning. The birds are really active, doing their nesting dances and announcing to all the world that it's that time of year again . If it warms up enough, i'll clear more mulch from the perennial beds outside the studio window. The peonies are up! Last Fall i divided and trannsplanted an ancient peony that was not blooming well anymore due to change in shade patterns in the garden. I got five plantings from it, put it in a sunnier spot and have high hopes for the blooms this year.
This morning I am catching up on loose ends, paperwork and so forth. Will take the MAQS piece to FedEx after a bit and then, therapy sewing the rest of the morning. In process is a loose jacket from a Kayla Kennington pattern. Her modular pieces allow for fun combinations of fabrics and stitches (and beads!) The garments travel well and layer beautifully. I'll be in DC and Maryland this time next month; it will be fun to have something new to wear.

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