Wednesday, March 23, 2005

it's official!

Wednesday afternoon and i think, i hope, i have the code worked out on the template for this adventure. Artful Quilters Web Ring info is where it should be and seems to work. Mary, Diane, thanks for the help! (and please let me know if i still need to fix things).
It is snowing here, a good thing as we have had so much dry dry weather. Still I want sunshine too. oh well. I'll take the moisture while i can. The flowers will be so much happier. The forsythia outside the studio door is just about to flower. When i was in grad school in SouthEast Ohio there was folk wisdom that said the forsythia bloomed a week before the last snow of the season. For as long as i have kept track, that prediction has held. I'll let you know.
Tonight is the final class in a series of three that i have been teaching locally. It will be interesting to see what everyone has done in the last month. I'll try to remeber to take the camera. Then it will be a good thing if i remember to take photos.
Back to work. I have prep and packing to do for tonight, my website is in desperate need of updating and there's a small mountain of paperwork i would just as soon ignore but will not.
enjoy the afternoon.


Gerrie said...

Laura- welcome to the ring! I'll look forward to following your atistic journey!!

Debra said...


Welcome to ring.. we are growing so quickly!!

Grad school in South East Ohio... I can't place the school. But heck, I grew up in Cleveland... where everywhere else in Ohio was ... south somewhere...