Thursday, March 24, 2005

another view of the lambs

Originally uploaded by lauracw.
here they are in the studio, just before we sent them off into the world.


teri springer said...

Those are lambs??? Never seen a lamb with horns before. They look like the baby calves running around my pasture. Must be a Montana thing. I DO like your decorations of them. Your colts are to die for.....We did Moose and they are still to be seen in and around the UP of Michigan....In Big Bay, MI we did, of all things, bowling pins. The old saw mill that once belonged to Henry Ford, and where they once made the side panels for "Woodies" back in the 40's was sold to Brunswick and converted to make bowling pins (lots of maple trees up there). I don't know why bowling pins were chosen over Woodies but they didn't ask for my opinion. In Kalamazoo they did cabs (Kalamazoo is the home of Checker Motors). I was not asked to do one. Guess they are familiar with my painting skills (or lack thereof.....).

Your view is fabulous...I would have trouble getting anything done for staring out the window!! ANd I love Cross Currents!!!


laura said...

hi Teri! They are bighorn sheep - and yearlings actually. That explains why they aren't cute like the spring lambs out there in the pastures witht thei woolie mamas. The project is "Bighorn Magic".
yesterday i got an invitation to do "Moose on the Loose". sorry, not again!