Wednesday, April 13, 2005

april 13

well, a day later than i thought i'd be but here we are. Am sitting in a hotel room, watching the sunset over the Choptank River. I am on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, heading back to DC tomorrow, then back down here Friday night, home to Montana late Sunday.
Elle was correct: The cherry blossoms were awesome. it seems they peaked Friday afternoon. DC is beautiful this time of year. so much color! And it is lovely here on the TIdewater. Everything is blooming except the magnolias, they are a few weeks away. The air is full of birdsong and the breezes off the river are wonderful. I love being here.

Pamdora asked about the book:" Inspiring Creativity". It will not be available through Amazon or mainstream distributors for another several months. If you want a copy, go to my website, ordering instructions are on my contact page. It's a great anthology on living creatively, IMO, there's something for everyone.

It is possible that i will go to the National Gallery tomorrow to see the Andy Goldsworthy installation, assuming i can find my way, and parking. First i have to leave the Shore at a reasonable hour. The traffic issues in this part of the world have changed a lot since i lived here. It's slightly intimidating.

The workshops went really well. What a great group of people. They were all fiber artists but most of them were weavers, spinners and not particulary quilters. The things they did in our time together were more 3 dimensional than i usually get to see and it was great. Off hours adventures the last few days have included a serious shopping trip to a Japanese Dollar Store in Northern VA; expeditions to major junk stores in the same neighborhood with a wizard "finder of great stuff"; antiquing and junk storing with my mother and a sister, both hunters and gatherers of the first order. I managed some good scores including vintage hats for the sister and an antique crazy quilt for my youngest brother's birthday. I thought about keeping it but when i saw the look on his face was happy i had gifted it to him.
and that's all i know right now.

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