Sunday, April 03, 2005

springing forward

We need to remember to change the clocks. This is one of the few days in the year when the phrase "It's later than you think." has real meaning. Doesn't it feel self indulgent to have stayed in bed a whole hour longer than usual?
big grins on this end of the keyboard.
It's a bright sunshiney morning and promises to be a warm day. I have some business to tend to here at the computer and all the standard household issues to deal with and then am spending the day in studio. Yesterday i did manage to create lists and piles in preparation for packing for the trip east. Surely that is enough for a few days?
M promises to get the pump running so the perennial beds can get a drink. We have a well for the yard and gardens, but every Spring the pump seems to require a little help to get going for the season. It's too early to put vegetables or annuals in here in Montana. The garlic gets put in in late Summer and is doing well and onions and potatoes went in last week. Everything else has to wait until after the last frost.
The painted pieces i did last wekend have been rearranging themselves on the wall. A few seem almost complete as is; some want stitching; others want to go together in strips and blocks. So far there's nothing worth photographing.
enjoy the day!

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Scrapmaker said...

Have a great creative day! Jen