Tuesday, April 19, 2005

april 19

home again home again

got in late Sunday night from points East, totally wiped out. These trips where work life and personal life combine can be wearing. The workshops etc. went very well in the DC area; visits with friends were great. being in the Tidewater country was wonderful, it is home in important ways. Seeing extended family was satisfying, reminding me of deep connections.

It was warm here Sunday night when i got in. Last evening the rain began at about 7 pm. Sometime later it turned to heavy wet snow. The moisture is great but comes with side effects. We lost power at about 3 am. Since the trees and shrubs are leafing out, they hold all the snow and some can't handle the extra weight. I think that a lot of trees are weakened by the extended drought and this makes branches more susceptible to breakage.
It is raining again now and more snow predicted for tonight. If that happens, we will have a lot more branches and trees down and will likely lose power again as the falling limbs take out power lines.
I did enjoy the quiet today but must confess I like living with electricity [grin]. I cut cloth, did some hand work, a little cleaning and tidying up. In a way, i was sorry to have the power come back on.

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lizzieb said...

Just wanted you to know that I love the book "Inspiring Creativity" I've gotten through the first two chapters. Chapter one is even teased on my blogspot...it hit the mark for me...I'll read your chapter in time but the book is wonderful!