Thursday, April 14, 2005

april 14

morning. groggy but slept much better last night. Breakfast with a sister this morning, then off to DC again.
it's another clear and lovely morning. Hoping to get some time on the river before heading to the other shore where traffic seems worse to me than in LA. That is saying quite a bit. Maybe the difference is infrastructure, Western cities being built around the automobile, Eastern cities having had to retrofit. Anyway, I have lived in the quiet states so long, i am no longer suited for all the bustle here. My filters don't work and i get over saturated so quickly. I need to build in some very very quiet time before the big family do Saturday afternoon. There will be 25 or so people (i am looking forward to seeing all of them), but it could get intense.
off for a walk. enjoy the day.


Scrapmaker said...

Bad traffic and too much city always makes me feel like I should live in Mayberry. When I retire, I'm moving there....Jen

Elle said...

Having driven the traffic in L.A., I might have to agree with you about the traffic here in D.C. L.A's is just on a grander scale.