Thursday, April 07, 2005

busy busy day

after all my avoidance techniques were exhausted, i finally finished the packing for my trip. Lots of workshop supplies of course, a sufficient wardrobe [i pared it way down.] reading and writing materials and all my electronic gear.
When i reviewed my notes and images for Saturday's lecture, i realized that i don't have slides of the newest work. That is a side effect of my self imposed moratorium on shows and galleries. Last January i severed my gallery contracts and resolved to take at least a full year without actively exhibiting. I felt that my work might be getting flabby as a result of having so many deadlines and always having to watch the calendar for gallery rotations etc. The only way to test this was to take time off. I did, and now need to decide if I will go back. Certainly i should enter a couple of the big shows this year, but i don't know about the gallery dance.
Anyway, i haven't needed slides and haven't had them made.
Therefore, am taking my digital projector with me instead of a carousel of slides. They are the same size and almost the same weight. It's the cords that add bulk and nuisance.

The other thing i did today was ship out the first round of books! My first box of "Inspiring Creativity" arrived today and i shipped all the orders to date. Michael will be glad HE doesn't have to deal with it The book looks great. It feels good to be a part of this project. Now i know what i'm reading on the planes tomorrow. grin.

It's lovely Spring here and Elle says that I'm hitting DC in time for wonderful cherry blossoms. Can't wait!
dont't know what my internet access will be between now and Tuesday, but i'll be back. Tuesday at the latest.
enjoy the weekend!

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PaMdora said...

Hi Laura, How can we get a copy of Inspiring Creativity? I looked for it on Amazon and couldn't find it. Looks really interesting!

Also, how are you able to post photos with text beside them? I was just noticing tonight that you have nice vertical photos with paragraphs of text to the side.

I know you're busy trying to get ready to leave, so don't feel you have to answer right now. Your trip preparations are making me feel tired and all I'm doing is sitting on the sofa!