Tuesday, April 05, 2005

april 5

It's a beautiful Spring day here, not too warm but green and blooming. We had a little rain last night and that has helped a lot.
I'm headed to DC and Maryland at the end of the week (Potomac Craftsmen workshop followed by a family visit). I'm sure the cherry trees will be lovely and I am really looking forward to being in Tidewater Country again.

Instead of dealing with all the last minute things, like packing clothes, I've been updating my website.
I have added a few new images, still need to update the front page and links [if you would like to trade links, go to the contact page on the website.]

*MSN has apparently been bouncing a lot of my mail! I hope we have it figured out, but if you have sent me a message and NOT gotten a personal response, please try again.

Sometimes it's really hard to pack up for an extended trip. I fly early Friday morning and still need to figure out wardrobe essentials. I keep thinking i need a "uniform". HAH. what i really need is a management team, people that make certain i am where i need to be, when i need to be there, with all the support materials i require. Then they would handle the transportation and lodging issues, make sure i always had cold drinking water and comfort food. This past Summer, i had two trips in a row where *someone* neglected to pack my shampoo.
It's possible that i am finally past the issue of thinking that if i only had the right luggage, life would be easier. I now have all the combinations that work for me for various types of trips. I can pack for two weeks including four different workshops and still handle the bags myself. That is very important (since the management team hasn't shown up yet.)
The next big challenge in the traveling life is to come up with an extra three days both the week before a trip and the week after.
okay, enough of this, it's time to put supper in the oven and get my correspondence caught up.

OH! helpful domestic tip for those who are in the market for such things:
My spouse and i have a newish routine and it is working very well. Three nights a week, he does dinner, three nights a week I do dinner. The other night, we usually "forage'. Whoever has dinner duty does it ALL: planning, shopping, preparing and cleaning up. [this allows for use of leftovers and also eating out - it is all up to the one whose turn it is.]
We established this routine at the Holidays and it has helped me immensely. Now if we could extend it to other household chores... sigh.

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Elle said...

You're going to be here in D.C. just in time for the cherry blossom peak. We've been having good weather lately too.